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Lagos Father of 2 Earns $417/Hour Working from Home, Hides it from his Wife FOR 3 YEARS


His confidential secret is revealed – how he did it and how you can!

Ayodele Oyekan, a 2-year-old Lagos father, risked his marriage and family to hide a shocking secret from his 13-year-old wife.

Ayodele Oyekan and his wife Nakato, residents of Lagos, married in 2004 after years of dating. His wife worked as a receptionist in a local clinic and Ayodele was a software developer working from home.

Three years ago, Ayodele suddenly lost its largest customer and had to make redundancies the same day. Unfortunately, Ayodele was part of the group that was dismissed.

“I didn’t know what to do the first day – I was embarrassed to tell my wife. We were dependent on my income to pay our bills! I felt as if I had disappointed my family. I had to find a new job, and fast.” Ayodele shared.

Ayodele Oyekan:

“I felt like I had failed my family.”

Ayodele Oyekan:

“I was nervous about starting the system. I had not done anything like this before.”



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