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News – Fabolous Says He Paid Lil Wayne $100,000 and 4 Bottles of Champagne for a Song That Never Came Out


It looks like Fabolous had something to share about Lil Wayne.

During his last interview on the Drink Champs podcast, the Brooklyn rapper remembered the time when he made a deal with Lil Wayne. Fabolous explained that Lil Wayne should be on his first album at the beginning of his career as a major label, but that never happened.

“They were so hot at the time. They came to the studio. I think Steve Stoute gave them 100 grand for Lil Wayne [from my budget]. They were scorching. This cash is like 99. For the 99 and 2000.”

Fabolous also talks about how Lil Wayne bought 4 bottles of champagne from him after making his verse in 15 minutes. “Wayne came in, made his verse in 15 minutes, they were out, took the four bottles. This is the first time I’ve ever seen anything like this. I said, “This is no different.”

It’s unclear what song they were working on, but do you think this single would have been hot?


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