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WWE Hell In A Cell 2019: ‘The Fiend’ Vs. Seth Rollins Match Draws Massive Criticism


The next WWE Pay-per-View should be Backlash, because that’s exactly what the promotion gets after the main event of Hell in a Cell, leaving the fans behind in the presence of the Golden 1 Center Booing, and most of the WWE universe abroad is scratching its head in the worst way.

After a long and extremely entertaining build, “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt and WWE Universal Champion Seth Rollins collided in a supposedly epic confrontation. Instead, we saw WWE trying to rewrite its rules, but failed miserably with a character they had so carefully built.

In an effort to further establish the invincible aura of the “Devil” and keep the Universal title for Rollins, the former player ate 15 Curb Stomps from the champion. Nevertheless, “The Fiend” stepped out of several pin attempts at 1 count. The fans in the arena were shouting as loudly as I can ever remember hearing them on a pay-per-view or raw when it was clear that WWE’s plans for the game weren’t working well.

Stubbornly, Rollins poured into the cell during his attack. He used chairs, ladders, toolboxes, and other dangerous props to beat the devil. At one point, the fiend lay in the middle of the props-covered ring and Rollins held a sledgehammer in his hands to crush his opponent’s face.

The referee asked him not to do the deed, but in the end, he did. Immediately Rollins was disqualified…in a Hell in a Cell match. If you’ve been watching WWE programming for some time, you know there’s never a DQ in a HIAC match. It is completely inexplicable to play this card in this situation.

The stretcher was used for “The Fiend”, but predictably he showed up and used the lower jaw claw on Rollins. The ring became free and “The Fiend” started to work on Rollins. The fans in the arena sang “AEW” and “Restart the game” to show their displeasure. It was an uncomfortable thing to watch. I can only imagine how the actors and commentators felt in the arena.

Here’s how the WWE universe reacted to the game on Twitter:

The whole match took place under a red traffic light. I’ve never seen that before. I wasn’t sure what I thought about it throughout the match, and to be honest, I probably wouldn’t have had a problem if the fight hadn’t ended so ridiculously.

The booking was mostly fine until Rollins started to improve the action. The unbridled violence (described by some as attempted murder) was total, and WWE bumped when it had a chance to reassure fans by restarting the game.

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These booking decision(s) felt like the work of someone completely out of control but trying to give people what he thinks they want. Fans at home and in the arena wanted the unnecessary and exaggerated blows to stop, and they also wanted “The Fiend” to go over.

Neither of the two requests was granted.

Normally I’m not the one who suggests that fans should dictate the booking. Ringerwinkel is a story written by men and women, and they should have the license to tell their stories. But the name of the game must still be customer satisfaction. It was as clear as on the day what the fans wanted on Sunday evening.

The smart thing would have been to change things in the twinkling of an eye.

This is a terrible time for WWE to draw such a negative balance. The AEW is gaining momentum and the fans have other alternatives. This pay-per-view could have confirmed WWE’s dominance. Instead, she confirmed all of her questions.

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